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Many do have eyes, but only a few see beyond what others are seeing. The call of “Entrepreneurship” is how much and how far you can see and how prepared you are to get off the ground with what you see.

A lot of young and advanced adults alike are eager to taste of the benefits that follow successful entrepreneurship. They are drawn to the attraction of having control over your affairs and running your personal life, your own way. But the critical issue remains that only a handful of these adults actually take a step toward entrepreneurship. Others shrink  back at the prospects of starting and managing a new business venture. Below are the 2 unmistakable reasons why you are still on the business launch pad, yet to launch into your desired world.

1. LACK OF CREATIVE,INNOVATIVE IDEAS: Once again, the need for an idea arises. This time, it is not just any idea at all, but a creative, innovative idea. Such are ideas that back-up ground breaking ventures. Most times, we don’t train our minds to really think. We do what I call “surface thinking”, not deep and very deliberate. Your idea must be wow!, it must be somewhat different from the known. It mustn’t be totally new, but there must be a touch of ingenuity in the idea for it to thrive effectively in today’s very competitive market place. If you find yourself stuck on the business launch pad, you seem not to be going forward, but neither are you going backward. You just appear stuck!, This could be the result of one thing and that is vagueness of idea. Once the idea is not strong enough to motivate you toward taking on the challenges of launching head-on, you simply lose steam. Think big today, devote time to reflection and imagination. Practice deliberate thinking, take adequate notice of what is happening around you, what is trending, and where the trend could possibly lead us to, in the nearest future. come up with ideas as radical as possible, don’t gag your mind, let it go bananas, just guard it, then most importantly, follow your instincts.

2. THE FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN: Could it be that you’ve got a very mouth-watering idea but still stuck on the launchpad? What is the problem then? Well, the demon is a 4-lettered word-“FEAR”. In an interview with the business and leadership giant, Brian Tracy on an American T.V channel, he revealed that-“99% of a people are ready to work for businesses once they are established but only 1% is ready to take entrepreneurial risks to establish those businesses”. Do you think that the 99% are dummies and never-do-wells? or perhaps, persons who don’t desire the best from life. Doesn’t it amaze you how we can have beautiful ideas but allow the beauty to remain in the intangible realms of life?”  There is only one answer-“FEAR”.

Did you take note of that word, “risk?” That is a word many aspiring entrepreneurs simply detest. and a word that has stopped many great, unconventional ideas from leaving the intangible realms to the tangible. Here is the key: Once you have jumped past the huddle of getting a creative, innovative idea the next step is to investigate the marketability of the idea(how viable it would be when introduced to the market ),this is called “market research”. But don’t stop there. Once there is a green light on the marketability of your idea, never resign like many will do from taking on the entrepreneurial risks involved in launching. You must overcome the fear of the unknown. Start wherever you are with what you have, and never look down on your humble beginning. Only when you are able to take a stand against comfort and convenience would you be able to launch into your dream world of entrepreneurship.

In the final analysis, you will discover that you need an idea that will motivate you and keep you going through the rough times. Once the idea comes, join not the crowd who will clip their wings. Take off!!

Return any time soon to have a bite of motivation on overcoming the fear of humble beginnings.

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