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Become a delegate to the 2014 Interseliger Conference for Free in Russia.

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Enter for The HeySuccess Seliger Challenge and attend the 2014 Interseliger Conference for free. INTERSELIGER is an international project aimed at uniting the world leaders of tomorrow. 1000 exceptional individuals from different spheres and backgrounds will come together to “Dare to make the world you want to Live in”

HeySuccess.com is offering scholarships to one person to attend this conference for free.

A winner will receive a direct invitation for the International Youth Forum Seliger 2014:
- Airfare from the winner’s nearest airport to Moscow (and back) including Russian visa for free ;
- Food, Accommodations and local transportation;
- You will also be a member of the HeySuccess exclusive team in Russia. Click this link to find out how amazing it was last year.
We have already selected 5 out of 6 members of the HeySuccess Delegation and the 6th may be you!


-STEP 1: Submit your application to Seliger! Keep in mind that applying to Seliger is mandatory in order to participate in the HeySuccess Seliger Challenge;
Have in mind that a quality of your application matters a lot!
-STEP 2: Forward Seliger application’s confirmation email to info@heysuccess.com * ;
-STEP 3: Submit your photo here (preferably a head shot). Please use your real name and surname on Facebook.
 -STEP 4: Invite your friends to vote for you!
*You can submit your photo before the Seliger application. But have in mind, that if we do not receive your Seliger application’s confirmation 7 days, as latest, after you uploaded your photo, you will be disqualified.
On the 20th of May, we will announce 20 semi-finalists! On the 19th of May at 10pm GMT, the top 10 ranked contestants will automatically qualify for the semi-finals, and then HeySuccess will select the other 10.
-STEP 1: All semi-finalists will receive special tasks. We will explain in advance how everything will be evaluated and how we will choose the top five finalists;
-STEP 2: We will announce the top five finalists on May 31st ;
-The HeySuccess Founders and members of the HeySuccess Delegation LIVE will interview five finalists.
The winner and 6th member of the HeySuccess Delegation will be announced on the 5th of June;
For more information click here
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