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Apply for the 2015 Energy Globe Awards

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The Energy Globe Awards is a Business/Ideas contest that spotlights sustainable ideas particularly through environmental conservation. The contest whose previous editions have seen submissions from over 160 countries aims at presenting successful sustainable projects to a global audience and to demonstrate that for many environmental problems feasible solutions already exist.

The award is in five categories:

  1. Earth,
  2. Fire,
  3. Water,
  4. Air
  5. Youth.


The reward system for this Award in two folds.

The best project in each country is awarded the National Energy Globe Award and presented at the global online platform of Energy Globe.

The international ENERGY GLOBE Awards distinguish the best project in each of the 5 categories Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Youth. The winners are presented during a global television gala. International winners receive a cash price of 10,000 Euro per category.


Individuals, organizations, government or anyone with projects that  focus on:

  • resource conservation,
  • improving air and water quality,
  • energy efficiency and renewable energies.
  • As well as projects that focus on the creation of awareness in these areas will be eligible to participate.


Only online applications are accepted and can be accessed at the Energy Globe Online Application Form


22nd September, 2014

For additional information, kidnly contact the Energy Globe Awards Website

Download Post in PDF

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