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Apply for the 2015 Three Dots Summits for Teens (Fully Funded)

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Teens around the world who have started leading a change in their communities are invited for more training at the 2015 Three dots Summit. It is organized by the Three dots Initiative  The summit is inspired by the late 13-year-old poet and peacemaker Mattie J.T. Stepanek, Three Dot Dash is an innovative year-round leadership and mentoring program that teaches teen leaders how to “tell their stories” effectively using various forms of media, current technology and distribution methods in order to accelerate their leadership potential, advance their projects, mobilize peers and amplify their work to broader audiences around the world to take action.


  • 25 — 35 Global Teen Leaders will be selected to participate in Three Dot Dash 2015.
  • Full scholarship on accommodation, travels and feeding logistics


  • Be nominated by an approved Three Dot Dash Coalition Partner, Educational Institution, other organization (any organization that is not an NGO, but has a Corporate Social Responsibility program or philanthropic division), Global Teen Leader Alumni or Three Dot Dash Mentor.
  • Be between the ages of 13 — 19 at the time of the Just Peace Summit.
  • Be the founder, co-founder or leader of an organization or project that has significantly addressed one or more basic human needs in their communities and/or globally.
  • Speak and write English proficiently.
  • Be able to travel to the United States and participate during the entire Summit — there are no exceptions.


September 19, 2014


Nominating persons must fill the nomination and nominee forms before the deadline For enquiry kindly email contact@threedotdash.org or visit the Three dots website for more

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