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7 Reasons Nigerians Should Consider Joining Twitter

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Twitter is one of the most prominent social networks in the world. It ranks the second most used social media in Nigeria coming after Facebook. Despite the numerous benefits, it is one of the most dreaded and feared for a number of reasons, those reasons are to be treated later.

I have over 1000 friends on Facebook, why should I care about Twitter? You need to focus on twitter because:

  1. Twitter is the Future: According to the Alder Social Media Report, 2014, twitter is occupying a second position when compared to Facebook but it significantly leads twitter with respect to engagement and active membership.
  2. Political Participation is one of its most prominent benefits. People like Japhet Omojuwa (@omojuwa), Tolu Ogunlesi (@toluogunlesi), @Ayorub, have risen to enviable heights being political commentators and overlords on twitter. This they have done without having to join any political party and have skipped the hallowed ‘high cost of entrance into politics.’ Political figures like Reuben Abati, the presidential spokesperson (@abati1990), Atiku Abubakar (@atiku), Nasir El-Rufai (@elrufai), Oby Ezekwesili (@obyezeks) etc. actually engage on twitter. They can be reached with just a tweet away, closing the age long gap between the high and the low on the Nigerian political sphere. Effective utilization of this channel can set you at the forefront of political commentary and influence and consequent participation.
  3. Activism and Social Good are areas that are worthy of increased commendation on the Nigerian social media space. Climate change advocacy, charity, donations and gender equality campaigns have been largely successful via twitter and other social media channels. Esther Agbarakwe(@estheragbarakwe) , Nnodim Blossom (@blcompere), Kolo Kenneth (@kolokenneth), Gbenga Sesan (@GbengaSesan) just to mention a few are leading and conquering new grounds in using social media for social good. Young people interested in development work can leverage on the openness of social media to drive their cause. The Occupy Nigeria protest of January 2011 was primarily twitter driven, sensitized and maintained.
  4. Social media has changed the face of corporate branding and businesses forever. Social media has put everyone on the same level playing ground, whether a small and large company, business can thrive successfully. Local Nigerian brands can compete favourably with international brands with respect to reach, customer service as well as branding. Social media has been an integral part of the business world, an advantage that young entrepreneurs can leverage on.
  5. The Elevation Church, Leke Alder(@lekealder), Sam Adeyemi (@SamAdeyemi) are respective leaders who are using social media to drive conversations along religious lines. It simply means, your seemingly small ministry, church, fellowship can reach enviable heights and international acclamation beyond the confines of your physical vicinity through the powerful tool of social media.
  6. Meet with the coolest entertainers: Entertainers like Don Jazzy, Wizkid, Toolz, Kate Henshaw have garnered admiration and an increased fan base. Twitter afford upcoming stars the opportunity to converse directly with their admired divas and dudes without having to go through the bouncers and the paparazzi on red carpets.
  7. You can become a Twitter celebrity just from where you are: This list will be by no means complete if I don’t state the capacity to become a steady celebrity without dropping a single track, acting a single scene or being a model. There are twitter celebrities like @Tweetauracle, @AssistantMadam, @GbagaunDetector @gidiTraffic and a number of other persons who were just normal guys who drove on the twitter pedestal to become celebrities and influencers on the social network. You desire stardom, twitter may just be the place to go.

Here comes the treasured question with twitter newbie “How do I get followers?” The answer is simple, find them. How? Have what you stand for, look for people who have similar interest and engage. Engagement means you have to re-tweet what other are tweeting, favorite their posts, reply to tweets and build community. Join conversations with #hashtags of interest to you and make regular shoutouts to your followers.

Images and quotes get more retweets that #justsaying. Intelligently compose your tweets, be consistent, sometimes controversial and be patient. It may not be as dramatic in the beginning but persistence and quality writing is the currency of twitter.  Lastly, follow! I know it’s difficult and often seemingly mindless to just follow everyone and hardly ever get followed, but remember that on twitter “everyone started with zero followers.”

Wishing the best of your twitter life. Get more from me at www.spectacles.com.ng.



Download Post in PDF

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