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The Spectacles seeks to be Nigeria and indeed Africa’s number one online resource centre for personal and professional development. By using a sector specific model to ensure that adequate information is available even to often marginalized areas of professionalism.
By professionals we mean entrepreneurs, corporate professionals who work with already established organizations, development workers (those who run NGOs, CSOs etc), creative workers (graphics designer, printers, fashion designers, shoe makers etc), and  Technology Practitioners as well as semi- professionals and non-professionals like the market women the Vocanizers and Bole-Sellers and commodity and services hawkers.
The project will target four different classes of persons:

  • Aspiring: Those persons who aspire to build a career or interest in entrepreneurship, corporate professionalism, ICT, development work and creative works.
  • Emerging: Those persons who have gone beyond mere aspirations and have gone as far as starting a career in any of the above highlighted professional disciplines. Relevant information to provide guidance to these new careers will be provided.
  • Developing: Those persons who have had considerable experience in any of the above listed careers. They are in need of ideas for further development and reality of other challenges that come with development.
  • Mature: People who want to take it to the next level of finance grow their company already worth millions to worth billions, rebrand and branch into new markets.

The project will work through writings, articles, events and opportunities arranged in a user friendly manner with powerful categorization tools so that visitors can get sector specific information.
Through an interview based model with role models and representatives of each of our target categories, real time information will be gotten from industry leaders and experienced practitioners. The platform will also be an opportunity to showcase the activities of inspiring start ups and assist in granting the necessary access and exposure for real time personal and professional development.

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