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Become an Aljareera plus (AJ+) Fellow in your Region (One Year Paid Fellowship)

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Young people around the world particularly in Africa who are obsessed about News, driving online conversations and keeping tabs with local happenings are invited to become one of the official fellows of the Aljazeera plus fellowship program across Sub-Saharan Africa, Mid Eastern and Northern Africa (MENA), Europe, Asia-Pacific, North America, Central and South America.


It’s a one-year gig, it’s paid, and it’s an opportunity unlike anything else, an opportunity to be at the heart of the next generation of storytellers. Throughout the year, you’ll work with and learn from the core AJ+ team. You’ll join in the adventure of introduction of AJ+ to the world, and you’ll be a valuable part of making sure this introduction unfolds with fireworks.


  • Typical applicants are:
  • Passionate about empowerment
  • Excellent on social media.
  • On top of all the big news stories,
  • Sharply tuned in to the micro-conversations happening across your region that aren’t making headlines.
  • Can identify and effectively interact with a range of influencers across your region
  • Can write a punchy tweet, and you can engage people in and help drive a substantive conversation online. Plus, you can crack a joke now and then.
  • You don’t need a PhD or decades of experience.
  • Obsessed with the pursuit of unearthing untold stories.
  • Ideally have some experience under your belt that shows us you can do the job, whether that’s activism, reporting, blogging or something else altogether.





  1. Step 1: Fill the AJ+ Application form 
  2. Step 2: Shoot a Tweet at @AJPlus telling them why you’re #Fellow material
  3. Step 3: Send your CV here: AJPlus-Fellows@aljazeera.net (please indicate the region for which you’re applying in the subject line)
  4. For any further questions; Email pluspr@aljazeera.net


1st August, 2014

For additional information, kindly visit the Aljazeera Plus fellowship Website

Download Post in PDF

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