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Want to Develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset? Five Questions You Should Ask Yourself

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You want to know if you’re cut out to be an entrepreneur or you’ll just be fine being a corporate professional. Entrepreneurship is a thing of the mind; only the entrepreneurially minded can weather the storm. Find below five sincere questions that’ll help you know if you have the mind of an entrepreneur.

1. What roles does the need for achievement play in my decisions? Most entrepreneurs are driven by the need to achieve, to get fulfilled. The need to achieve is the innate urge to get things done, to get things moving, to win and to succeed not once, nor twice in following your passion. You can effectively develop your mindset to think like an entrepreneur when you allow your mind to hunger and thirst for maximum achievements. The entrepreneurial mindset is adventurous, it never rests. It is never satisfied or complacent. Richard Branson, an American serial entrepreneur had his need for achievement drives him to having 200 companies under the Virgin brand. So what role(s) does the need for achievement play in your decisions today?

2.How does individualism influence my decision-making?: Entrepreneurs are somewhat unique individuals who are ready to go against the norm, against public opinion to do what has never been done before. Now that’s the power of individualism! Ask yourself- “am I individualistic?”, “can I conveniently carry on with my instincts without looking back on public opinions?”, “how confident am I with my ideas that I am fully ready to go against the known, the usual and the norm to do something new?”. Entrepreneurs generally love venturing out on their own and are prepared to face the risks head-on. So how does individualism influence your decision-making today?

3. Do I have an internal or external locus of control? What influences you most? Are you more susceptible to influences from the inside or the outside? The successful entrepreneur is inner driven. He is absolutely impervious to undue influences from the outside. The successful entrepreneur is on top of his own game, making his decisions and taking actions on them. Your entrepreneurial mindset can be developed when you can answer the question of “where do the most influences I succumb to come from; within or without?” So are you internally driven or perhaps, externally?

4. Am I able to effectively focus myself? John Coleman, an American young business owner had revealed in an interview that a lesson he had learned from doing business and which he wished he had learned earlier on when starting the venture was “to have a sharp focus”. The importance of focus in anything cannot be under-estimated. Successful entrepreneurs have amazing laser focus on what they want to do and how to do it. You just can’t be everything to everyone. That’s a risky proposition. Find out what it is you want and then ask yourself today-“am I able to effectively focus myself?””. It all starts from your ability to focus on something and get it done remarkably well.

5. Can I be optimistic while managing the risk of over-confidence? There is a thin line between optimism and over-confidence but great entrepreneurs have learned how to effectively distinguish between both. In business you have to be optimistic but not unrealistic and over-confident as that may crash your venture. This question will aid you in having the consciousness that “too optimistic” is too risky for the success of the business. When you ask yourself this question, you will learn to be optimistic about your ideas and venture but not getting blinded by the dust of over-optimism which is over-confidence. Be optimistic, but don’t forget to be realistic as well. So can you be optimistic while managing the risk of over-confidence today?

Ask yourself these questions, meditate on them adequately and produce the right answers to them and you may well be on your way to developing an entrepreneurial mindset.























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