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Apply for Professional Courses Scholarships in Israel

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Israel’s International Agency for Development Cooperation, MASHAVA. The major aim of the program is to share Israel’s competence with other developing economies to facilitate growth and international development.

MASHAV has trained approximately 270,000 course participants from around 132 countries in Israel and abroad and has developed dozens of demonstration projects worldwide.

Professional courses inviting applications –

  1. Climate Change and Agriculture – 9-19 June 2014. Application deadline is 21 April 2014
  2. Green Growth: Policy Measures and Implementation Tools – 9 June – 3 July 2014 – Application deadline is 25 April 2014.
  3. A Comprehensive Drug Control Strategy – Israel’s Model – 23 June – 17 July 2014 – Application deadline is 19 May 2014.
  4. Municipal Platforms for Local Strategic Development – 21 July – 14 August 2014 – Application deadline is 16 May 2014.

Deadline: 21 April 2014

Major Programs of MASHAV –

  • Training in Israel – Three to five weeks advanced professional training programs in five languages – English, French, Arabic, Spanish and Russia in conjunction with professional and academic institutions. Programs are offered in – agriculture, health issues, community development, education, cooperation and other subjects
  • Training Abroad – MASHAV experts travel to the country in question to conduct two to four week courses on a wide range of subjects like agriculture, medicine, education, business entrepreneurship.
  • Consultancies – An Israeli expert is sent to a country requiring assistance (in response to an official request by the particular country) on a short-term mission to carry out professional consultations which often include practical demonstrations in specific topics selected by the local bodies and agents.
  • Long Term Experts – An Israeli expert is assigned to stay and work in specific developing country where s/he will carry out project involving both training activities and practical demonstrations. The expert handles a specific topic which has been selected by the local bodies and agents on a day-to-day basis.

For more information, please visit About MASHAV.

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