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Apply for the Data for Life Prize against Child Mortality

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Persons or organization working to reduce child mortality are invited to participate in the Data for Life Prize is the program that will help to identify the best approaches to reduce child mortality by supporting accurate, scientific evaluation of the number of lives that they save.

The goal of the Data For Life Prize is to save as many children’s lives as possible by identifying and strengthening under-recognized life-saving interventions that are highly impactful, scalable, and cost-effective, but currently lack scientific evidence of their impact. Accordingly, the winning applicants will propose studies that will yield previously unavailable proof demonstrating the efficacy of programs that deserve much greater support. By securing this proof, these programs will be empowered to save more lives.


Any organization or person can apply. The Prize is open to anyone who is in a position to save children’s lives but lacks the means to quantitatively assess the impact of their work. Practitioners fighting to reduce child mortality as well as researchers in this area are encouraged to apply for the Data for Life Prize.


Two winners will receive $50,000 each to fund meticulous, independent, year-long field studies of their chosen intervention. Prize funds may only be used for charitable purposes, subject to expenditure responsibility.


Application deadline is 18 June 2014. Complete the online application form HERE. Applicants selected for the 2nd round will be invited to submit more detailed information at a later date.

For further information visit the official website HERE.

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