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Apply for the Pan-African Entrepreneurship in Education Award for Educational Institutions

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African based educational institutions are invited for the 2015 Pan-African Prize for Entrepreneurship Education. The Prize is a $75,000 grant for educational institutions pioneering innovative ways to tackle poverty in Africa through entrepreneurship.

Teach a Man to Fish partners with the Saville Foundation to award this prize. For primary, secondary, tertiary education; non-formal and adult education providers.


  1. US$10,000 – Best entry award
  2. US$5,000 each – Two runner ups
  3. US$1,000 each – 55 best entries from each African country
  4. Top three award winners will be offered a sponsored trip to the international conference and peer-learning workshop of Teach a man to fish.
  5. Media publicity and enhanced sponsorship and donation opportunities are other benefits.


  • Applicants can be organizations in any African country focusing on education.
  • Applying professionals can be teachers, doctors, lawyers, judges, accountants, bankers, engineers, and police officers.
  • Organizations outside Africa can submit entries on behalf of their African partner.
  • The African organization will be beneficiary in this condition.
  • Entries must be accompanied by work contact details of a suitable referee.
  • Referees must be independent of entrant organization and either a government official, qualified professional, or senior employee of an internationally recognized institution. Referees cannot be family members of the entrant.
  • Application
    Application information can be found in the Pan African Prize for Entrepreneurship Education website

    12th December, 2014

    For additional information, kindly visit the Seville Prize for Entrepreneurship Education Website

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