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Apply for the Paradigm Initiative Nigeria Internet Policy Training in Nigeria

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Paradigm Initiative Nigeria will host an Internet Policy workshop for relevant media and civil society organisations in the South-East region between June 24-26, 2014, in Enugu. The workshop will to be taught by a team of experts will also feature daily panels and discussions on advocacy strategies, technology tools, and next steps for participants.

Internet Policy is an important subject, not just for policy makers or advocates, but also for civil society organisations that work around the theme of ICT for Development, those who rely heavily on the use of the Internet for their work for Human Rights and/or Freedom of Expression, and media institutions. It is important to understand the policy dynamics around your work, especially at this time when various local and global events are shaping conversation and policy around the use of the Internet, and especially as we see more government investment in mass surveillance in Nigeria.

PINigeria invite you to apply to join the Internet Policy training by completing the registration form below. The 3-day session is open to only 25 people who live in the South-East geo-political zone, and selection will be based on best-fit considerations alongside the likelihood that this workshop will be useful for your on-going work. Please note that participants from outside Enugu will be responsible for their own accommodation and transportation to the venue, but coffee/tea and lunch will be served.

To apply fill the application form here

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