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Are You Hurting or Developing Yourself?

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By Onome Oraka

About a month ago, my friends I successfully held a program for the development of female teenagers, in Edo State, Nigeria. After racking our heads for days for a theme, we finally decided it tag it Lady 3600. The idea was to introduce to them, the changes in society this 21st century, and the increasing demand on the productiveness of individuals. Prior to this time, the females were rid of the duty to take active part in societal development, especially in Africa. The times we are now, is such that doesn’t permit unpreparedness, or mediocrity, if we are to live and not just exist.

Personal development is a word most minds are conversant with; being the principal message of this century. It has been said that one of the important discoveries made in this world is the truth that “Man is the orchestrator of his destiny”.

Personally, I had a hard time, letting this message sink in; it is easier to sit down, do nothing, and wag my tongue at the government for not giving its citizens good jobs, opportunities, good roads, quality education etc. It’s easier to complain than to contribute, it’s easier to bemoan the abnormal norm than to change it. When I grasped it at last, my life began to change, I began to see the part I have to play in the progress of my society. I also began to have a firm grip on some hitherto alien words such as purpose, vision, values etc. More importantly, I discovered I had been hurting myself by not developing myself.

One of America’s foremost business philosophers; Jim Rohn admitted that personal development was for him, the most challenging assignment of all. Success and fulfillment in life comes when we develop ourselves beyond where we currently are. Only lunatics are robbed of this noble duty. Personal development will include reading books, attending seminars/speaking engagements, studying successful people and integrating what we’ve learned into our lives.

All the people we celebrate today, those who have become immortal by engraving their name into the sands of time such as Albert Einstein, Mother Theresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Socrates, Plato, Martin Luther King and those who are in the process of become immortals such as Barack Obama, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Alhaji Aliko Dangote, to mention a few, are people who refused to settle for less than they were originally created to be. You and I too can join the ‘Elites’. Our souls are hungry for meaning, and if we put our minds to it, there is absolutely nothing that we can’t achieve.

Anthony Robbins, a man considered to be the nation’s leader in personal development training has a huge success story. For him, success starts with a Decision. As he intelligently puts it; Decisions are the pathway to power.

What are you deciding today? To be a better person? To effect a change? To provide solutions to societal ills? To be the world’s greatest inventor? To be someone’s knight in shining armor? Whatever you decide, personal development is the key. Stop hurting and start developing yourself, your world awaits you!

Man has two creators; his God and himself. His first creator furnishes him the raw material of his life and the laws in conformity with which he can make that life what he will. His second creator,—himself,—has marvelous powers he rarely realizes. It is what a man makes of himself that counts- William George Jordan.

Onome Oraka

Onome Oraka


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