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Becoming a likeable person (Part 1)

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By Enas Victor

Business leaders and entrepreneurs with superb “people management” skills have a competitive edge over others. These skills often take more time to learn than technical abilities, but the results are well worth the investment.

If you’re extremely likable, you’ll surely be able to attract new clients and retain long-standing relationships with minimal effort because everyone wants to work with people they enjoy being around.

Clients evaluate who they want to hire and continue to work with based on what I call the BLT factor: believability, likability, and trustworthiness. They would often ask themselves, ‘Does Seyi know what he’s doing and is he enjoyable to work with?” If you’re disliked, it may not matter how competent you are, people simply won’t want to work with you. Truly, no one cares how much you know until the know how much you care.

Likability could be the culmination of the traits of empathy, reliability and integrity. Here’s why each characteristic is important and what you can do to cultivate it, becomes much more important.

Empathy. Empathy describe our ability to relate to and understand someone else’s situation and perspective. Strong, enduring relationships are almost always built on empathy. It’s a life skill that requires self-awareness, practice and experience. The ups and downs of your personal and professional life will influence how and with whom you empathasize.

Common experience also connects people through an instant bond and a shared level of trust. For example, you can easily empathize with others who have lost a job, started a business, failed an exams, had a terminal illness or struggled with finances because you too, have experienced those circumstances.
(To be continued)

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