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Biola Alabi of M-Net Africa Becomes Yale World Fellow

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Abiola Alabi the former managing director of M-Net Africa, one of the continent’s largest entertainment conglomerates has been announced as a member of the 2014 Yale World Fellow program. Abiola who emerged as part of  the 15 successful winners of the fellowship program desired by over 4000 applicants .

Abiola wlll be in Yale for one semester  where she will  participate in leadership and media training, while engaging with various members of the University community, from undergraduates to graduate students to faculty.

Biola who is currently the Director for Special Projects at M-Net was a 2012 World Economic Forum Young Global Leader. In 2013, she was named one of the 20 Youngest Power Women in Africa by Forbes magazine.

Everyone at The Spectacles Wishes Biola Alabi well during her fellowship program at Yale.

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