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#BookReview 5 Make Believe Endings Beyond Chimamanda Adichie’s “Half A Yellow Sun”

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Chimamanda Ndozi Adichie is no doubt the best African Writer of the day and if you have read “Half of a Yellow Sun” you probably wish there is a sequel to it. To know, at least, if Kainene is dead or alive. The book couldn’t be better; it is a reality of war, uncomfortable as it.  I would like to believe that this characters I had so fondly come to know were able to rise above the trauma of the war, so, here are 5 possible make believe endings beyond the book…

1)      Kainene is most probably alive. This is because of baby’s premonition, Richards’s belief and the fact that her body is yet to be found. Besides, Kainene is a very courageous, audacious and bright person.

2)      If indeed Kainene is alive, then where is she? What’s interesting about her disappearance is that the ending of the Biafra war came after it. I imagine she had a hand in it but she probably had to sacrifice allot to do so, and she could be imprisoned by the Nigerian Army.

3)      Is it possible then, that no one from the Nigerian Army saw the advert placed by Kainene’s parents? Armies have a tendency to keep things classified. This could be the case.

4)      Will Master, Olanna and Baby ever have a normal life? Certainly not. It is hard to tell if Master sitting down on the grass and Ugwu thinking it to be ‘unmasterly’ is a sign of humility or defeat. Whichever the case, Masters pride is badly wounded if not killed. I think it is only through leaving the country that the family can move on gracefully, I find it hard to imagine that they will be able to fully participate in development of Nigeria with the memories of war so fresh in their minds.

5)      What of Ugwu? Ugwu got what he deserved, don’t you agree? Karma paid him back for his actions and  he is free of sin. He should continue studying and hopefully write a book.

(Bonus) Will Richard go back to the UK? Most likely not, he will wait for Kainene has he works on his manuscripts.

I would love for you to hear your ideas on the endings.  Please share them on the comments section. Tell us too which book your reading and a little bit about your favorite African books.



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