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Call for papers for International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling

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Researchers globally are invited to make contributions from a range of fields related to interactive storytelling, including computer science, human-computer interaction, game design, media production, semiotics, game studies, narratology, media studies, digital humanities and interactive arts through paper submissions in the forthcoming International conference on Interractive Digital Storytelling (ICIDS)

Kinds of Application
The following kinds of application can be submitted:

  1. Full Papers describing interesting, novel results or completed work in all areas of interactive digital storytelling and its applications.
  2. Short Papers presenting exciting preliminary work or novel, thought-provoking ideas that are in their early stages.
  3. Demonstrations and posters describing working, presentable systems or brief explanations of a research project.
  4. Application Instructions

    1. All submissions must follow the Lecture Notes in Computer Science format, available at:


    2. Submissions must be made in English language.
    3. Submission should not consist of any identifying information of the author.
    4. Submissions that receive high ratings in the peer review process will be selected for publication by the program committee as Springer LNCS conference proceedings.

    Deadline: 16th June 2014

    Research submission areas

    1. Theoretical Foundations
      • Theories and Aesthetics of Interactive Storytelling
      • Current and Future Usage Scenarios
    2. Technical Advances
      • Story/World Generation and Experience Management
      • Virtual Characters and Virtual Humans
      • Autonomous Agents and Multi-agent Systems
      • Semantic Knowledge Representation and Reasoning about Stories
      • Natural Language Generation and Understanding
      • User Modelling and Narrative User Interfaces
      • Authoring Modes and Tools for Interactive
    3. Practical Applications
      • Collaborative Storytelling Environments and Multi-User Systems
      • Social, Ubiquitous and Mobile Storytelling
      • Interactive Narratives in Digital Games
      • Interactive Cinema and Television
      • Interactive Non-fiction and Interactive Documentaries
      • Interactive Narratives in E-learning, Training and Edutainment
    4. Retrospective Analyses
      • Evaluation and User Experience Reports
      • Critical Close Readings of Creative Works
      • Case Studies, Post-mortems and Best Practices

    For more information visit ICIDS 2014 Call for Papers

    ICIDS 2014

    ICIDS 2014

    Download Post in PDF

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