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Counsels Of Your Doomed Fathers

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Counsels Of Your Doomed Fathers

Counsels Of Your Doomed Fathers

Counsels Of Your Doomed Fathers.

Now that the night has come,
And your eyes call for sleep,
Lend us your left ears, dear children,
Listen to the counsels of your doomed fathers.

Our time has come,
And it’s shamefully fading off,
Soon, our fruitless today will go,
And your tomorrow will come,

The wound of our guilty hearts is deep,
And so pitiful it is,
Our generation built you poisonous foundation,

We were heartless harbinger of injustice,
We were defender of oppression,
And staunch disciples of evils.
The greediness of our hearts silenced our voices,
When it needed to wail for justice,
And our arms were folded,
While evil reined.
Nothing but doom was achieved in our time,
For we let seeds of segregation germinate amongst us,

But dear Children, it’s not completely doomed for us,
In you, lies our hope,
In you, we see the rekindling of the future,

When your tomorrow come,
Please undo the wrongs we’ve done,
Tribal discrimination and religious intolerance,
These two wrongs, please you must right,
The dying communal spirit of our ancestors:
This too you must resurrect.

Let not the message of hardwork,
Patience, love, brotherhood…
desert your lips,

Above all, dear Children,
We neglected ‘truth’,
We brought suffering upon her,
And banished her from the land,
But you must search her, find her,
Return her home, and standby her:
For truth alone can set you free from
this inherited doom.

Good night, dear Children,
May your tomorrow be better than our today.

By: Oseriemen Majekodunmi.

Osariemen Majekodunmi is a young ‘Pan-Afrikanist’, ‘Afrikan Nationalist’, ‘Socialist’, ‘Unionist’, ‘Humanist’, and ‘Revolutionary’.

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