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Dear Suicide Bomber, Are you sure it’s Paradise?

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On 24th December, 2014 a 13 year old female suicide bomber was arrested in Kano State Nigeria. She had intelligently left her strap of explosives in a taxi she took to the hospital to take care of injuries she sustained after another female suicide bomber detonated her bomb in a market. When interrogated, she said her father who was a member of the Boko Haram sect lured her into the suicide bombing act. Her wooers asked, “Do you want to go to paradise?” Her answer was positive. “Then you’ll have to be a suicide bomber to get there” was their response. Although she wasn’t at peace with the method of reaching paradise, she had to take the task for fear of being sent prematurely to paradise with a gun!

This kind of theology is what seems to be widespread among the sect and other Jihadist movements across the world. These extreme theologies are sold cheap mostly to emotionally vulnerable people whose socio-economic conditions are close to being unbearable. The manifesto of the existence of heaven or paradise becomes the only consolation of people who have been struck with abject poverty, distress and diseases.

Heaven as our religions paint it is a place of rest, peace and social integration. In heaven, there is no working, there is abundance of food and plenty of black-eyed virgins to wife. Christians even say that the streets of heaven are paved with gold and the dust in heaven is gold. Arguing with what anyone believes about heaven is not the subject here, the subject of this is what the believe in the existence of this kind of heaven is causing our humanity.

The teachings about heavens sometimes have the unintentional effect of indulging the laziness and greed of our religious faithful. The poor man who is greedy thinks that the only place where he could fell like a rich man is in paradise, in the company of seven waiting virgins just if he could volunteer to fight for a religious cause of evangelism and waste the lives of other free men. The slothful believes that even though he does not work hard, heaven is a place whose streets are paved with gold and he will not need to work to eat; he becomes a violent evangelist with unbridled tongue and disrespectful to the faith of others.

Looking deeper, if the theology about heaven is right and suicide bombing is an easy way to get there, how come the daughters and sons of Imams, Sultans and Emirs are not leading the way? How come the educated members of our religion are not the bomb carriers or the bomb detonators? How come they only support with funding from our local mosques by way of Zakat or just masterminds of the attacks? Is it that our enlightened fellow believers don’t want to go to the much advertised heaven early enough?   Why is it that abandoned students called Al-Majirs that are supposed to be properly groomed by their Arabic teachers the ones that this sermon of paradise by death appeal to?

When theologies are taught with only Hadiths and their roots are not properly founded in the Quran; when blowing up ourselves rather than correct our Alhajis who are busy in Abuja and Kano hotels defiling young girls and having nice time with prostitutes is our message; when our quest for heaven does not even give chance to convert casualties of killing and bombing to the same paradise we are headed for; just then should we think if it’s paradise or just population control?


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