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Enter for the Koded Nigeria Coding Competition for Nigerian Programmers

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Koded by Andela

Koded by Andela

Nigerian programmers who are confident of their coding skills, can get together a team and coordinate one another to achieve results are invited to take part is the Koded programming contest for Nigerian Programmers.

The three days Coding competition, Koded is organized by Andela, formerly Fora as well as Co-Creation Hub, INITS, and Delivery Science. The aim of this contest is basically to identify programmers who are doing exploit in various areas and build a network of them.

Prizes for this Koded coding contest will include:

  1. 4 New Retina Macbook Pros
  2. 4 HTC Ones
  3. A Skype meeting with Facebook Co-
    Founder Chris Hughes

Programmers from Nigeria, whether young or old are eligible to participate. All that is required is to form a team of a maximum of four members.

The team of four is required to register on the Koded Website.
The contest is to run from 24th – 26th October, 2014.

There is no clear deadline but since the application is coming quite late, interested applicants are enjoined to register as soon as possible.

For additional information visit the Koded Website

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