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Google goes Head On with Apple, releases Google Play Movies & TV an iTunes Competitor on iOs

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Adapted from: Techcrunch

Google just released a new app in the iOS App Store, and it’s a significant one when it comes to the company’s content strategy — The App Google Play Movies & TV is an iTunes Store competitor for movies and TV shows. You can watch your Google media content directly from your iPhone or iPad. But, just like the Kindle app, you won’t be able to buy or rent your content directly from the app — you’ll have to use the browser.

With today’s release, Google is using a strategy that was very efficient in Amazon’s case with the Kindle — if you want to make people switch to your content ecosystem, release your app on every major platform.

The company has an advantage over Apple. If you own an Android phone and an iPad, you can watch your Google Play movies on both devices thanks to the new app.

The app is pretty straightforward. You can browse your content and watch a movie or a TV show directly on your iPhone or iPad. There is a Chromecast button as well to stream your video to your TV.

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