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Google releases New Plug-In For WordPress: Simplifying AdSense Ads for Webmasters

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Google has released a plug-in that enables webmasters to seamlessly move through the Webmaster verification for Google AdSense.

The current plug-in which may be upgraded soon has the Webmaster Tools verification (which saves you the usual steps of copying and pasting code snippets into your WordPress templates), it also offers the ability to easily place ads on your site.

To get started with this tool, all users have to open the plug-in and then select if they want to see a preview of their site’s homepage, or of a single page or post. Google automatically places markers on the screen for spots where ads would fit, and all a user has to do is select one of these spots to start service ads there.

The service currently supports four ad formats: automatic (which chooses the most appropriate size), horizontal banner (728×90), vertical banner (160×600) and rectangle (300×250).

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