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Happy Valentine to all Our Readers

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Happy Valentine

Love is a feeling, decision, attitude, liberation, bondage, or adventure.
It is where  and what we permit our hearts to go and do when our brain feels discomforted or comfortable enough with the status quo. 
Love is the journey we take when we put confidence in a person or thing with the uncertainties of a tomorrow.
Love is when we shift the positions of our personal and immediate comfort because of the opinion and emotions of another.
Love is a ditch we repeatedly fall into yet permit ourselves to proceed unabashed.
Love is clear sighted like a missile in its path to its target
Love is blind like a drunk man behind the wheels
Love is life; rough, tough, rugged.
Sweet as the warm embrace of an affectionate one
Bitter as the sight of an unrepentant adversary.
Love is what has kept us as friends till this time.
Love helped me overlook your flaws
It helped you pardon my inadequacies
Love is you,
I am love,
Love is God
We are Gods.

Happy Valentine
Demilade Isaac Osoteku
www. kopastales.com

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