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How Great Firms Motivate Employees

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Research shows that workers who are actively disengaged outnumber their more motivated colleagues by 2 to 1. The good news is that the companies that defy this trend do similar things – which you can use to build a more spirited workforce.

  • Hire stellar HR people. The best HR people have a gift for influencing, teaching, and holding executives accountable. They’re crucial guides for leaders and managers trying to develop employees.
  • Use straightforward performance management systems. Companies with the highest engagement levels use recognition to develop employees and encourage them to reach their highest potential.
  • Don’t pursue engagement for its own sake. It’s increasingly possible to measure and track engagement, but don’t start “managing to the metric.” Keep your eyes on the business goals that greater engagement can help you achieve.

Adapted from “Seven Things Great Employers Do (That Others Don’t)” by Peter Flade, James Harter and Jim Asplund.

Source: Harvard Business Review

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