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Ideas Vs Capital, which is more essential for an aspiring Entrepreneur?

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The key question on the mind of an aspiring entrepreneurs is-“What do I need to kickstart my venture?” One can then ask further,”does he need cash or does he need an idea?”

Most times, wanna-be entrepreneurs are itching to get into the business world for the attractive benefits of it, monetarily and otherwise ignorantly or deliberately neglecting the basic question of “what is it will I have for my business dream to materialize?”

Of course, we all need start-up capital for our new ventures. But there’s something on the same plain of importance with capital, if not on a higher scale and it is “IDEA.” Some delve into an industry expecting to thrive, but their is an old,common,already known and worn-out idea/concept. Such persons will fail in business because people are on the look-out for the new, the unusual, the unknown and the remarkable.
An idea is what launches you in your target market. First have and nurture a unique idea and you’ll have a credible standing. A sound business idea is all you need to start up. It’s a lot easier to source for funds when you have an innovative idea.

NB: Your idea must not be novel(i.e) absolutely new,it can be a new,modified approach to old phenomena. Take your time,don’t jump into business head-long. If you want sustainability and viability in your competition(cause there’ll always be),then you have to be creative and innovative. Don’t do things the way your already established competitors have done or are doing. They’ve won a huge chunk of the market before you and have what it takes to retain their customers,so you’ve got to drive into your desired industry on the wheels of creativity and innovation. An idea is the first step to entrepreneurship,the second is capital which a unique,promising idea can help fast-track it’s sourcing,if it will not be generated through personal savings.
Get an idea and you’re good to go!.

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