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Instagram Releases Version 6.0 With 10 New Photo Editing Effects

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Instagram has released the version 6.0 of the multi-billion dollars worth mobile app owned by Facebook. The version 6.0 has in it 9 additional photo editing effects which makes it more professional and useful for photographers (these days almost everyone is)

With this new version, you can do whatever you like with your photo without using Photoshop Express or Camera+ (both premium photo editing app) or even your desktop.

The new upgrade allows you to adjust the following

  1. Filter strength
  2. Adjustment, cropping and straightening at the same time
  3. Adjust photo brightness
  4. Adjust photo contrast
  5. Adjust the warmth of your picture towards warmer orange tones or cooler blue tones
  6. Adjust image saturation i.e. the color intensity of the image
  7. Making highlights to certain areas of the image
  8. Adding Shadows
  9. Vignette which darkens the image edges to give better focus to image centre
  10. Adjust photo sharpness

The new version is also enhanced with a small photo slider and adjustable filters. It is available on android and iOs.

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