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Introducing the #SBrands Series: Profiling African Brands with results

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Africa is home to many innovations and inventions, entrepreneurs, creative workers, and technology professionals who can best be referred to as anonymous extraordinaries. People who have moved beyond just ideas to building brands. Many of these extraordinary people go unnoticed, hence our conception of the Spectacles Brands (#SBrands) Series.

#SBrand series is an exclusive opportunity for African brands to showcase what they have through  “The Spectacles” Platform. The extraordinary brands and people behind them would have the exclusive opportunity to tell their business, innovation and invention stories to our visitors from over 70 countries.

There are two categories in this project #SBrands and #SEBrands. While #SBrands are for profiling businesses in the creative, technology or other areas who have been in existence for over 3 years and are grossing over $30, 000 (N5 million) per annum, #SEBrands are for emerging brands with less than 3 years of experience and are making sales less than N5M per annum.

#SBrands would offer an exclusive opportunity to business people to reach more to other customers and offer another opportunity for other business people. Of course, this is not without the mention of the enormous PR opportunity that this offers.

Do you know any start-up, emerging business leader or already established brands that should be profiled as an #SBrand or #SEBrand. Application is currently being accepted for nominating such. Kindly fill the nomination form here


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