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Apply for the Jeanne Sauve Foundation Leadership Program

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The Jeanne Sauvé Foundation calls young individuals from diverse disciplines and sectors to take part in the 2015-17 Jeanne Sauvé Public Leadership Program.

Theme: Public Leadership For Culturally Diverse Societies

The Jeanne Sauvé Foundation aims to band together a diverse team of young leaders from around the world representing a wide range of relevant professional experiences in the public leadership domain.

The public leaders have the responsibility to advocate for policies that are inclusive and that respect differences. They must address issues of discrimination and exclusion at all levels- legal, social, political, and economic.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants can have backgrounds in advocacy, communications, education, governance, politics, social innovation and other fields related to public leadership.
  • Applicants can be between 25 and 30 years of age (inclusive) on 1 September 2014.
  • Applicants must have completed at least one university degree and be proficient in English.
  • Applicants must have at least 3 years of full-time professional experience.
  • Applicants must have a strong record of leadership benefiting a particular community or cause in the public interest.

Complete application includes – completed application form, scanned passport photo, scanned academic transcripts, recommendations (3) – professional, academic and personal. Incomplete applications will not be considered for review.

For more information, please visit How to Apply.

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