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Join the Fight Against Global Hunger: Attend the 21st Global Youth Institute

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Global hunger is one of the challenges that our world faces in this century particularly in Africa where one out of four people is hungry. The number of hungry grew in Africa over the period of 2010-2012, from 175 million to 239 million, with nearly 20 million added  in the last few years. In sub-Saharan Africa, the modest progress achieved in recent years up to 2007 was reversed, with hunger rising 2 percent per year since then( (FAO 2012).).

To train the next generation of leaders who who tackle head on the Global Hunger Challenge, High School students from outside the United States of America are invited to participate in the 21st annual Global Youth Institute organized by The World Food Prize. This institute will take place in  Des Moines, Iowa, October 16-18, 2014. The World Food Prize was conceived by Dr. Norman E. Borlaug, recipient of the 1970 Nobel Peace Prize.

Over 300 other outstanding high school students and teachers from across the United States and around the world will be at the institute for an exciting three-day program to interact with Nobel and World Food Prize Laureates, and the more than 1,000 global leaders from 75 countries attending the World Food Prize’s annual international symposium.


High School students outside US are eligible to apply.


By participating in the event, participants have the opportunity to apply for a prestigious Borlaug-Ruan International Internship or USDA Wallace-Carver Fellowship.
Borlaug-Ruan International Internship: an all-expenses-paid, eight-week hands-on experience for high school students to work with world-renowned scientists and policymakers at leading research centers in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.

Wallace-Carver Fellowship: a paid two-month research or policy placement at a U.S. Department of Agriculture laboratory or field office, or at USDA headquarters in Washington D.C. In 2014, up to 100 Wallace-Carver Fellows will intern at USDA, analyzing agricultural and economic policy; assisting in the management of food, nutrition and rural development programs; and taking part in groundbreaking field and laboratory-based research. Fellows travel to Washington DC at the start of their internship for a week-long high-level leadership program hosted by the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture.


To participate, students research a global issue and write a five-page paper under the supervision of a teacher mentor (using the downloadable guidelines above). Each high school must register their student delegate nominee(s) and submit each student’s research paper online by August 1, 2014. Ninth through Twelfth grade students are eligible to apply.

All submitted registrations and research papers will be evaluated by a committee of experts, and invitations to attend the Global Youth Institute as a student delegate representing their country will be emailed by August 15, 2014.


Accommodation, meal and program expenses at the three-day event (Thursday morning through Saturday afternoon) are provided by the World Food Prize Foundation for participating student delegates and their teacher mentors. However, both student and teacher participants must organize and fund their own transportation to and from the event in Iowa, as well as their lodging Wednesday evening prior to the start of the institute. As such, the student and teacher mentor are responsible for transportation, lodging, meal and other associated costs of participation accrued outside of the actual event.

Deadline: 1st August, 2014

For addition infomation, kindly see the World Food Prize Website

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