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Kola Oshalusi … The African Photographer with the Biggest Dream

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Photography is a profession of prominence and dominance, however, our African society does not expect the photographer to have big dreams and aspirations. Engage the photographer down your street and ask him for his dream. At best you get a cliché “I want to be very rich,” it’s not so for 34 year old first generation modern photographer, Kola Oshalusi. His dream for Insigna Photography is ‘To be Africa’s biggest photography organization.’ Too lofty you may think this is but he is even willing to share the glory with as many other photographers as want to come along.

Kola Oshalusi’s foray into photography was more of a random selection than a properly planned endeavour. He was a trained science laboratory technologist, then a computer scientist and then a non-linear editor, then…. a Photographer. Ever since his discovery of photography, he has ascended into prominence even listed by Y!naija as part of the 10 most powerful people in the Nigerian fashion industry, the only photographer on the list.

Kola although is best known for taking perfect shots on fast moving red carpets, he has other parts which span across event, fashion, product branding and architectural photography. Oshalusi is a pioneer in red carpet photography in Nigeria and Africa and is acclaimed to be behind the majority of photographers practicing the trade. In his specialty, he has suffered challenges by way of rejections and insults from movies, music and On-air personalities who didn’t understand the potency of photography when he started.

Having spent over 8 years in the profession that has grown from paying N5000 to millions of Naira, Kola was not wrong when he said “Anyone who makes a living from photography is a professional photographer, it’s just that successful professional photographers know their niche and develop around it while ‘jack of all’ remain on the average level.”

In 2011 he began giving back to the industry that made him through the project christened ‘The Making.’ Every year, ‘The Making’ offers free Public Relations, modeling, make up, Styling and professional Fashion shoots for young and promising fashion designers. ‘The Making’ also institutes a 6 months mentorship program for the project beneficiaries with leading fashion designers in Nigeria. The project has had a 90% success rate having trained over 20 young designers so far who are practicing across Africa, Europe and Americas. ‘The Making’ returns to TV screens this year having skipped the 2013 edition for logistics considerations.

“Photography is a serious business and upcoming photographers should learn the principles of hard work, honesty, patience and studying.” Oshalusi emphasized severally the essence of studying as an ingredient for a successful photography career. He stated explicitly that ‘Early readers like Kelechi-Amadi Obi thrived on the studying secret for a period long enough to lead to their leadership in the Nigeria and African Photography industry.”

Insigna photography, Kola’s photography company will be the biggest photography organization in Africa, his Africa domination strategy is to sign up phonographs that align with the Insigna corporate ideology; from Ghana to Sudan, to Kenya and South Africa.

He regularly features as a photographer on Lagos Fashion Design Week, Arise Fashion Week, Ghana Fashion week and every mega fashion event on the continent. He works as a photograph fashion columnist with numerous Nigerian, international, online and offline media organizations.

“One day” he says “African fashion designers will depend on quality images from Insigna Photography to be leaders in the fashion industry!” Do you believe so too? Kindly drop in your comment!

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  3. Aminat mobolaji-lawal on

    Keep it up Kola, I love your enthusiasm, attitude to work and passion for greatness… I’ve always known this since school days, well done bro.

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