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Apply for the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation Education, Health or Family Economic Security Grants

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The Michael and Susan Dell Foundation accepts applications from eligible interested organizations to partner in projects that  help transform the lives of children living in urban poverty, throughout the year. The grants focus on three factors (education, health and family economic stability) vital to ensuring that the underprivileged children escape poverty to become healthy, productive adults.

Organizations working in the sector of education, health and microfinance programs should check their eligibility and begin with the application process for their project.


Urban Education: Education-related grants focused on improving student performance and increasing access to high-quality education.

Childhood Health: Providing basic building blocks of childhood health to help them overcome struggles to stay in school. Programs fighting preventable childhood illness are encouraged.

Family Economic Stability: Baseline economic stability to help families ensure better health and educational outcomes for their children. Programs with distinguished approach to help families improve their financial security are encouraged.

For additional information, kindly visit Michael and Susan Dell Foundation Grants Page

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