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NATO’s Global infographic contest 2014 for Graphics Designers

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Graphics designers from across the world are invited to apply for the  NATO’s Global infographic contest 2014. If you can answer the question ‘What is NATO?’ in an infographic, Focus on NATO’s history, membership, operations & missions, capabilities, values  …or just about anything you want? You can  compete.

Winner(s) will be selected based on creativity, quality, and popularity – so have your friends vote & share!  Not an infographic-making expert? No problem! Check out the free tools recommended in the articles below, or simply use Google to find them!


This contest is open to individuals aged 18 years and above, of any nationality. Only one individual is eligible to win, per entry. In the case of multiple creators, the individual named on the submission will be eligible to win.


Spend a day at NATO! Join the NATO Social Media team, tour the NATO studio, meet NATO officials and more!
Includes round-trip flights to Brussels, Belgium and accommodation.


May 18, 2014

For more information visit the Nato Global Infogrphic Contest 2014 here

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