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New Year Resolution vs New Year Revolution

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After all the festivities, the new year is upon us. In what has become a tradition in our culture, many people will make a New Year’s resolution in which they vow to make a significant change in their life for the coming year. For some it will be to lose weight, to eat better, to work less, to work more, to fix a certain relationship, to … you get the picture.

Sadly, though, people start out with good intentions, but somewhere deep down, we forget that for better or for worse — often for worse — we tend to be creatures of habit. The resolution was made, but the resolve doesn’t last. Suddenly, our list becomes as void and outdated as all the ones we made before. What we need is not another year of vowed resolutions that have failed; we need to live in A Revolution.

The on-line dictionary, dictionary.com, offers this definition for “resolution”: the act of determining upon an action or course of action, method, or procedure, etc. So, we make a decision and we’re going to act on it. Maybe. We hope.
A “revolution,” meanwhile, is this: a sudden, complete, or marked change in something.

While a resolution has to do with a change in decisions and set goals, A revolution is a complete and total over haul of oneself. A Revolution affects the most minute of details including personal values and mindsets.

What is Necessary for a REVOLUTION?
First, You must keep a proper mindset. Be creative as you think of your own strengths and weaknesses and do something to help you start your day with a proper mindset and hopefully keep it throughout the day.

Second, be a realist. See people, things and situations the way they are. Because we deceive ourselves with our perception of some things, our resolutions become ultimately not achievable and we feel mentally and psychologically down when people we respect let us down. What is the essence of deciding to do what u could not do last year while still in the same mental state?

Remember A new wine in an old wine skin would only get the new wine contaminated.

Don’t live in another year of failed resolutions. Instead, live a life that reflects the revolution that occurs in your heart and life.



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