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Nigerian Medical Doctors Suspend Stricke to Tackle Ebola Virus

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The Nigerian Medical association, NMA has suspended her one month old strike in a bid to combat the spread of the dreaded Ebola Virus in the West African country.

The medical doctors who embarked on the indefinite strike last month due to a demand for increased working conditions and wages had seen the paralysis of all public government owned health facilities across the country.

The mediation by governors in the south western zone of thecountry with the leadership of the NMA appealed for the suspension of the strike strictly on humanitarian grounds to join forces with the government to tackle the spread of the deadly virus in Africa’s largest country and economy.

Ebola Virus which whose death toll was reported to have reached 887 in west Africa is a Central Africa originated virus believed to come from bats although primates are easily infected. It is spread basically by contact with the body or body fluid of a living host and kills the carrier within one week giving no time for proper medical attention.

The virus entered Nigeria two weeks ago in the bosy of a Liberian top official who traveled into the country by air.

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