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On Nigerian National Crisis: The Real Issues by Romeo Ajokan

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Words have been traded, blames made, Fingers pointed and wars fought, still, the problem remains. What then is the problem? This is Nigeria. Every individual government (past and present) has had  to deal with either regional or National crisis, be it from the Niger-Delta, South-West, South-East, North-East, North-West, or North-Central. Without mincing words, real development had taken place but for group interest and social greed, a lot has been destroyed or relocated.

Ever since her birth in 1914, no single Nigerian government has been heaped with praises nor dubbed “Heroic” inclusive of Lord Frederick Lugard. Though, we have had great Men and Warriors that fought for the survival of this nation, we are yet to have a National leader not all this Southern, Northern, Eastern or Western Presidency. Question would be, “don’t we have good people that can make great leaders?” Yes, I would say. We have and we have had them”. We made them fail because of our greed and Indifference, yet blamed them and rained curse on them.

We are always fighting. Yes, we fought senseless fights and we are still fighting: No retreat, No surrender. This is the real issues.

It all started as complaints for religious, ethnic, and regional marginalisation before becoming horrible: The Civil war and we were drunk in blood. Since then, the constitution has been amended and being amended over and over but still not functional. To us Nigerians, we don’t have a viable Constitution. Corruption can said to be  the reason for this unfortunate state of the Constitution but, this is half truth. Truth be told, the constitution as being understood by individual bodies within and around the Country, is said to be in contradiction with the norms, cultures and beliefs of this sects.

Even within states, there are wars. Wars between majority and Minority groups over lands, resources and powers. The Warri crisis cannot be left out as a case study.
According to Section 177 of the 1999 Constitution as amended, A Person shall be qualified for election to the office of Governor of a State if
(a) He is a Citizen of Nigeria by birth
(b) He has attained the age of thirty-five years
(c) He is a member of a Political Party and is sponsored by that Political Party; and
(d) He has been educated up to at least school Certificate level or its equivalent.

From the above aforementioned Section, nowhere is it stated that you must be of an ethnic community or indigo of any locality as it is the case today in Nigeria. Where this Section of the Constitution is functional, blood have been spilled and on most cases, second fiddled position of Deputy, have been substituted for such. Yet, we calls these incessant Practices “Democracy” and even celebrates it. No, this is a form of Secession in Practices.

We are always fighting. Yes, we fought like Vampires and get drunk in blood. Though not enough, some of us sworn vengeance, others, issue threats.
Be it President Jonathan or General Buhari, Whoever wins will be doomed to fail less we sheathe our swords and end these group versus group wars over Government Power and National Resources.

I humbly commend Mr. President for initially calling the National Conference where aggrieved parties, were given the opportunity to expose their grievances for negotiation. Though, the Conference wasn’t called for, I do believe it will help ends all this; We are the largest in population, we deserve to produce the Presidency; We produces the bulk of the Nation’s Wealth, so we must produce the next President.

I have no idea what the resolutions of the Conference may be, nor was I at the Conference but with the help of my Sixth sense, I would say it will help in a long way so long it’s a report from the Conference.
Again, I must commend Mr. President for it was a historic move but first, without bias or grudge, he should implement the reports of the Confab. Let’s give it a shot and see if Frederick Lugard really have something for Nigeria.

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