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Our Social Media Predictions for 2014

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By: Demilade Osoteku

Here comes the much anticipated 2014, its full of energy and zest. Social media has increasingly become an very important part of our lives whether as a corporate organization, individual, creative worker, or entrepreneur. Here’s our social media prediction for 2014:

  1. All hail Twitter: Twitter is set to be a vehement tool especially for persons in activism, advocacy, business and entertainment. If your advocacy or campaign has not reached twitter, it’s not started yet. Twitter with its powerful tool in just 140 characters has been a tool of disseminating information, picking up troubles, organizing protests and advancing businesses. This trend is set to increase in 2014.
  2. Social Media Powered Customer Service: This is a two edged sword. Social media powered products and customer service has already debuted with the likes of Guarantee Trust Bank Facebook account opening process. Virtually all Nigerian modern businesses have a fan page or an handle. However, if you’re not responsive enough, it’s a veritable tool to run down your brand if anything goes wrong. The key is responsiveness.
  3. Social Media Recruiting: Aspiring professionals who need a job should join linkedIn as soon as possible. The job portal offers a lot of help as it connects you to job opening based on your expertise and interests. Most hiring consultants run a background check on the social media accounts of prospective employees to reveal the man and woman behind the suit. Clean up any trash, post with recruiters reading in mind.
  4. Video Marketing: Oga at the top, the interview topped the Youtube  views of the year. Facebook just introduced video adverts; these indications show that we’re going to have a lot of videos flying around in 2014. Brands should position themselves through utilizing this means that is uncontrollably a blend of drama and creativity.


Still to come is our list of top social media influencers in Nigeria. Hang on.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Making sense… I still have a lot to learn about some social network sites this has given me a reason to get intrested again…

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