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Participate in the Disruptive Innovation Festival Open Mic Competition – Ony a 90 Seconds Video is needed

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Disruptive Innovation Festival 2014 Poster

Disruptive Innovation Festival 2014 Poster

Do you think or see yourself as innovative? Do you know a better way things can be done in technology, economy or business? Then you should participate in the Disruptive Innovation Festival (DIF) Open Mic Competition 2014.

The Open Mic Competition is a part of the activities for the 2014 DIF organized by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and scheduled to take place between 20th October to 14th November, 2014.

The theme for the video idea is- The economy is changing. What do I need to know, experience and do?


  • Become the first official Open Mic Session to be announced for the Disruptive Innovation Festival (DIF).
  • Opportunity to host own event during the Festival from 20th October – 14th November 2014.
  • Win two tickets to the CE100 Annual Summit on 25 June 2014 in London.

Who can Participate?
Anyone worldwide can participate.

Application Instructions
Applicants must must fill and submit the online submission form with the link to the 90 seconds video. The entrant should first upload the recorded video in You Tube as ‘Unlisted’. The You Tube URL should be copied to the video entry and added on the online submission form.


  • One person/organization can make only one entry.
  • The application will be considered only if the video is uploaded to You Tube and the video’s URL supplied in the online form.
  • Applicants should ensure they are available to attend the all-day Summit on 25th June 2014.
  • The Essentials in the Video
    The application video should

  • Introduce the participant’s organization
  • Describe entrant’s interests and their relevance to the Disruptive Innovation Festival
  • Explain the proposal for Open Mic Session and why the entrant thinks it is a great idea
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