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Pinterest Acquires Image Recognition Company VisialGraph for $6M

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Pinterest just acquired VisualGraph an image recognition and visual search start-up for a recorded $6m. The start-up founders, Kevin Jing and his partner David Liu are also joining the Pinterest engineering team.

The acquisition came as part of Pinterets’s monetization strategies through which it intends to raise revenue and also deliver pinned pictures based on the user’s historical data and preferences. The acquisition of Visualgraph also makes it possible to deliver targeted advertisements to users of Pinterest.

By understanding the visual content of what people pin, Pinterest could suggest other content or show people more relevant ads. For example, even without text or tags, if you pin a lot of long dresses, VisualGraph could help Pinterest recognize the shape of clothing, and let it know to show you similar apparel, opposed to short skirts.

Pinterest which has raised $536M according to TechCrunch is set to move into core revenue generation this year.

image Credit: TechCrunch

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