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PushCV To Transform Corporate HR Environment

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PushCV Logo

PushCV Logo

PushCV is a career guidance service that connects employers with talents, offers training to individuals as well as staff engagement and retention solutions for organizations.

Over the past couple of months, using our data-driven approach, we have been working on creating and perfecting services that will change the conventional approach to recruitment. Our dream is to guide corporate organizations to create sustainable, relaxed work environments for talents.

2 weeks ago, we officially launched all our product offerings. It was a launch that had key Human Resource personnel, Technology experts and members of the press in attendance.

PushCV is not just about submitting your CV for job vacancies, but more about building you up for the job you desire.

Recruitment should be about more than just your CV or any piece of paper, it should be about you. From interns to professionals, we have services that cater to every range of career persons.

Here at PushCV, we do not only get you jobs, we encourage you to improve yourself and after significant improvement is achieved, we send your CVs to companies that are looking for your skillset. Employers are more interested in getting results so we have tailored the system around you – your person – so you take an inward look at yourself to improve.

We have partnered with local and international training agencies to provide online courses, such as Corporate Culture, Rules of Negotiation, Social Media Strategy, amongst others, on the PushCV Learning Center. Our courses are structured to follow current industry evolution and are broken down into small, data friendly parts for ease of use.

Our goal is to work with companies to train and get the best people to fill various positions and keep them constantly engaged to drive productivity and growth.
We believe that when great people are employed into an organisation, that organisation grows and expands, thereby creating more jobs for other people.

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