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Meet Nigerian Start-up PushCV – The Google of Talents

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Founded in March 2014, PushCV is the new start up from Nigeria that’s solving the graduate unemployment problem. The unique model that PushCV utilizes is to focus on individual development rather than mere CV submission service that many of their competitors in Nigeria offer. The Spectacles spoke with Terry Kanu, the Chief Product Officer on the start-up, their milestones as well as the future.

PushCV was founded by Somtochukwu Ifezue alongside other co-founders which include Odunayo Eweniyi, Joshua Chibueze, Terry Kanu, Ibukun Akinola and Ayo Akinola. “PushCV came online in March 2014 as a website that sends users’ CVs to appropriate employers, but obviously, we’ve evolved to offer a lot more. We built the platform from the ground up by ourselves for some months using funds from our own pockets until we came in contact with Leadpath. We pitched our idea to them (Leadpath), they understood and liked it and we received early-stage funding” reveals Kanu.

Although that seems quite nice especially since it’s coming from some young Nigerians under the age of 30, but, if this start-up will have to survive the harsh Nigerian business climate and contend with the likes of Jobberman, Naij Jobs etc, then it has to offer more.

Kanu reveals that “At PushCV, we are building a platform that measures an individual’s knowledge, skills and abilities against that of other people. Individuals become aware of their status in their areas of interest; and gain the knowledge of what areas need work. It is a platform that guides you in your career path.” Beyond mere CV submission, the founders have woven a web of complete human resources services in this start-up that is already being listed as one of the top 10 best start-ups in Africa at this year’s edition of The Web Summit in Ireland.

PushCV serves three tiers of customers: the employed, unemployed and organizations looking to fill a vacancy. For the employed, PushCV points to the areas you can improve upon in your chosen career path while making a provision for unlimited resources for you to success. For the unemployed, PushCV comes on board to help work on weak areas through the PushCV Learning Centre and the PushCV Mock Interviews; they also get instant access to valid employers with vacancies that match their credentials for free. For corporate organizations, PushCV boosts accuracy in their recruitment processes, levelling the playing field and letting vacant positions go to deserving people. Because of this, companies make use of the PushCV system to recruit.

The PushCV team went through the characteristic challenge that start-ups especially in Africa go through, the lack of funds and scepticism that the market would be receptive to their new idea. They have actually received lots of reward for their bravery as they boast of over 41,000 active users and over 15,000 Facebook fans.

Kanu believes that the African tech ecosystem have come a long way from how it was 5 years ago. Foreign investors seem to more comfortable investing in Nigerian Start-ups with potential. Tech entrepreneurs have also become more empowered to showcase what they’ve got.

So next time you’re looking for a job, want to draft a Curriculum Vitae that gets you an interview, develop your skills using a flexible system or want to fill a vacancy in your organization, think PushCV: The Nigerian-startup that wants to be the Google for Talent.

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