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#SBrands: PM Hub, Nigeria’s Next Biggest Organization in Project Management

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The #SBrands innovation searchlight beams on PM Hub Nigeria, one of Nigeria’s leading Project Management Training and consulting organization which is surprisingly lead by a 25 year old Team Leader. We caught up with PM Hub co-founder and team leader Eyitayo Ogunmola. This is the PM Hub Nigeria story:

PM Hub started in the year 2012 with four trained and certified young project managers with the aim of creating Nigeria’s leading hub for project managers especially within the youth demography. Merely two years down the line, PM Hub has grown into a premier youth-led enterprise with proficiency in Project management training, consulting and lean enterprising for SMEs.

PM Hub has successfully trained over 250 undergraduates across 10 Nigeria universities through its Campus Expansion program. Through its Young Professionals program, over 100 graduates and young professionals have been trained across different Nigerian states. PM Hub has also deployed executive training programs for over 50 senior corporate executives till date through its Executive Project Management Classes.

Speaking on what makes PM Hub different from other Project Management Training organizations, Eyitayo with a spark of excitement answered “We don’t just train clients and abandon them, we provide opportunities for them to gain project management experience.” One of such scheme is the Volunteering for Project Management (VPM) Program through which graduated PM Hub trainees are attached to corporate organizations and non-profits to acquire post training experience. At these organizations, they handle various project management roles on different scales.

Since every start-up especially in a country like Nigeria would experience some turbulence, PM Hub has not escaped this moulding treatment. Eyitayo confessed that there are times when huge amounts of money are spent on publicity and event packaging, partnerships are even secured with university authorities just to meet the waterloo of only two or three prospective trainees showing up at the commencement of the training, sometimes no one shows up. “When cases like this happen, we usually go back to our drawing boards and re-strategize. We may have made some assumptions that were invalid so we get back and re-launch more intelligently” Eyitayo says.

“There are times when we have disappointed investors”, as young entrepreneurs, we have practiced and taught the principles of lean enterprising. We hardly ever make drawings from profits because, it’s like our baby, we feed it until it’s able to survive on its own and it consequently feed us. We also practice the principles of value engineering through which only high value activities are performed. As part of our organizational practice, we reward staff who are able to save money on activities assigned to them by giving a percentage of the saved funds to them. Through this, each of our employee practices the lean enterprising and value engineering model seamlessly.

Eyitayo Advices that young entrepreneurs should leverage on their youth to get support for their businesses especially with mentors and start-up communities. His most potent advice to start-ups and aspiring entrepreneurs is simple: “Don’t grow in isolation!  Interact with other young and more experienced entrepreneurs even if they do not belong to exactly the same line of business. This lesson is what we have had to learn the hard way.”

At the celebration of PM Hub’s 5th Annivessary, Ogunmola sees the company as performing consulting functions for the Nigerian governments at various levels as well as leading Nigerian corporate organizations.

PM hub can be reached at www.pmhub.org or info@pmhub.org.

When we started to speak about Africa and Nigeria’s development in general, his passion and enthusiasm hit the pause button on our recorder!

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