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#SConversations: Are Your New Year Resolutions not just Air Bagged?

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By Corazon Mwende (@corriemwende) www.mwende.co.ke


Everyone is now on that adrenaline rush to change their lives with new resolutions, seeing that it is a new year.  With each New Year comes the need to have a new beginning which is a good thing, I mean sometimes hope is all we can live for. This piece was supposed to be on personal branding, but as I reflected-yes I do have those moments, I realized that a brand cannot be packaged if it has no goal. One cannot be a brand that has misplaced and confused priorities. So maybe this will be a piece on personal branding or not, be the judge.

A while back I attended a graduation party, and tradition has it that during such parties, other people, sorry intellectuals are given a chance to share their wisdom to young people who are in a rush for those gold coins. I was busy on twitter ‘hashtagging’ the events of the afternoon and planning for a night out, while an elderly gave her speech on education career and life choices. I was happy that she did not bring up the issue of relationships in her speech, because that topic seems to be the trending issue everywhere I go – well everywhere where grownups are. As I was busy scrolling and stalking tweeps the lady mentioned something that made so much sense to me and I will quote (yes I know what I did there, I get it this is no speech but I have always wanted to say that)…well she said ‘Young people nowadays want to drive big cars, live lavish lifestyles but do not want to work hard for that kind of desire’. I might have edited it a bit but that was the point she wanted to bring out.

I believe that her sentiments are true. I have been a victim of being a dreamer and a castle builder who doesn’t want to grab the shovel and mix the concrete. Instead I opted to dream of a beautiful castle with a strong foundation…this was all filled with smiles and a sense of hope, with the notion of I’ma get there! But let’s be real! I stood and stared as others built their castles while hope held the hem of my skirt.  That was then, I guess now I can consider myself different, I once in a while grab a shovel mix the concrete and slowly build castles. My apologies I keep digressing.

I bet the resolutions from most of us revolve around upgrading of lifestyles, changing careers and for those who are as ‘focused’ as I am marriage and kids. Yes I SAID IT. We all want a good life, a brand that sells us as renowned hard workers and focused folks…but who is willing to pick up the shovel and mix the concrete? It is indeed good to wish, because it means that you have a goal but then again if wishes were horses beggars would ride.

With the desire to stand out and make a difference in your life this New Year, it is important to know that you best (not better) work hard for it otherwise nothing will come on a silver platter and if it does, it never lasts for a long time.

Sometimes it can be draining to work hard and have others gloat at your success and in the end deem it as theirs but here is what I learnt ‘Do your thing, be BOLD, and eventually it will pay off.’

Resolutions are good, they keep us going, they keep us focused to that castle, but I believe that they should be based on not running from the past but learning from it and acknowledging mistakes with the aim to make it right. Most of us ‘at times’ are intimidated by the successes of others but I read somewhere, ‘Don’t compare yourself with others, and don’t judge them; you don’t know what their journey is all about’.

Your journey to build your brand is a road that you ALONE will toil for, others will guide you, but the decision to be IT is yours.

“The greatest glory in living doesn’t lie in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” –Nelson Mandela

Have a good one folks!

photo credit: Brett Jordan via photopin cc

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About Author

Corazon is a communications specialist, book agent and a writer who lives in Nairobi, Kenya. She holds a Bachelor’s of Education from Kenya Methodist University and a Masters in Communication studies from the University of Nairobi. Her literature is centered on things that affect her as a youth, a woman, an African and more so a Kenyan. She writes on different topics ranging from lifestyle, current affairs, poetry, satirical issues, fiction and biographies. Her twitter handle is @corriemwende and her website is www.mwende.co.ke

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