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#SEconomy: Building Internal Structures: Charting A Development Path Through Grassroots Reformation.

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“If the world must see development at the grassroots, then focus should be shared and adequate attention geared towards the microeconomics (individuals), especially for Africa. Growth and development indicators will need to begin to capture strength of family institutions and so on. Growth and development, coupled with high divorce rates is a threat to sustainable development”.

Gospel Obele -21st century development and research economist.


The world is changing and issues are rising by the day, from the macroeconomy to the microeconomy. The global economy is experiencing a slow recovery, while Africa’s “largest economy” still awaits her economy’s vibrant pick up, following the new changes in her political sphere. At the face of these lies already existing development challenges and economic uncertainties, ranging from unstable oil prices currently threatening the fiscal purse, to exchange rate fluctuations and many others. As much as the world gather in think tank setups (forums) to discuss issues, roll out goals and targets, and take necessary policy actions, little is being done or said  about the vulnerability of the microeconomy (individuals and firms), to these changing times and in the world to come.

Majority of growth and development indicators/reports have concentrated more on the aggregate economy, while little is being captured on the microeconomy, and if at all, we mostly have indicators that focus on what I call the “macroeconomics of the microeconomy”, simply put, few indicators showing  us about the aggregate/general state of the microeconomy, without telling in details and  specifics, factors essential for who, what, why and the how state, of major microeconomic variables ranging from individuals, to families, firms, and societies. More so to understand how this variables interplay within the local context, and ultimately restructuring policies and programs for a more meaningful development.

Grassroots development are the only ways to assure both long-term, profitable and sustainable development impact. Africa’s Grassroots development is in a more complex situation, having seen her fast rising young population(as opposed to the existing and forecasted trends of todays developed world), weak family and educational institutions that has recycled ignorance, drilled the capacity to innovate and worse enough, defined what success and personal fulfilment means. For Africa, it is a different ball game.


Big Development Question

Given the uniqueness of our challenge, and desire to develop how do we reposition for grassroots development?


The Way Forward

Our repositioning will involve building internal structures both within and micro and   macroeconomy.


On the macroeconomy:

  • The leadership will need to take up a comprehensive public service clean-up, because these are place and processes through which the interpretation and execution of structural reforms are carried out.
  • Kick start the process to Create inclusive institutions that will send waves of hope, equality and socio-economic possibilities.
  • Create policies and programs to reach more individuals, families and the societies.
  • Aggressively improve educational institutions and investment in the girl child.
  • Replicate all measures and strategy to the state and local governments and close up all “administrative loopholes”, possible to impede success.
  • Set up a policy evaluation process, to help track progress and make necessary adjustments.
  • Structure success recorded to become workable models for the economy.


On the microeconomy:

Unfortunately, things have gone bad, such that we have both emotionally and mentally individuals, producing weaker families and transferring ignorance, and anti-development culture to the younger generation.


The only hope left for us is to

  • See the urgent need in our society for grassroots development, how it affects us and have a determination to rescue the generation yet unborn and the future of our Nation.
  • Unlearn and drop every unproductive and anti-development cultured lifestyle.
  • TAKE RESPONSIBILITY in our thinking, lives, families, community and our nation.
  • Be the change we want to see.


I believe a lot can be done, if every one of us rise up to the challenge. Africa is going to become the centre of attraction for the global community. Therefore it is imperative we do the needful to save our nation, and strategically prepare and position her for sustainable growth and development. Cheers!


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