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[Segun Akiode] #Employability101: Awake! Dream Jobs are Dead

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by Segun Akiode


Have you ever been quizzed as a young person, ‘What is your dream Job?’ Sure your would have given answers that are spontaneous like – I want to be a doctor, lawyer, pilot, engineer etc. But right away that you have grown older, you are faced with a completely different reality.

No doubt, the concept of a dream job is one that society has drummed into our subconscious mind while growing up that dream jobs exit. I challenge that today – please awake, dream jobs are dead!

According to Oxford online dictionary, “a dream is a cherished aspiration, ambition or ideal. A dream is an unrealistic or self-deluding fantasy.” This definition connote that a dream job is at best – a dream!

A dream job is a myth because it makes it seem that there is only one job that is meant for you, more like a dream partner. In reality, this is misleading thinking pattern as there are tens of thousands of jobs/career paths that you can follow with the high probability of succeeding in most if not all of them. A personality cum career assessment would reveal a great deed in this regard.

A particular job may be a dream in your mind but for you to make it a reality you must be awake. Tall dreams don’t just happen, they are worked out. You must check how your dream job aligns with your ability, interests and passion in reality.

The picture of a Dream job is a picture of satisfaction, bliss and a fat salary. Which why some individuals classify a job as a dream job. When be believe that our satisfaction comes from a dream job we are living in dreamland. True satisfaction comes with having peace with ourselves.


Also, some other people believe that a dream job has to be a perfect job. Don’t be deceive perfect jobs does not exist in the real business environment. All jobs has their pros and coins.


So you can see now that you have to awake because dream jobs are dead!


Assignment: This week, quiz yourself, do you really want a dream job or you want the things that you think only a dream job can provide? Satisfaction, bliss, a fat salary can be created along any career path. Wake up.

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