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Self Discovery or Self Creation?

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I stumbled on an interview with Tinsel Actor Chris Attoh as he takes a makeshift bridegroom’s role in a wedding magazine. Chris had studied painting at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, later moved to London to study Banking and Security but currently practices as an actor, TV host and meteoric master of ceremonies (MC).

When quizzed about the disjunction between his study choices, his response was “I studied all these different courses in my attempt to discover myself, however, I quit searching and decided to create myself into who I wanted to be.” (Paraphrased)

I remember in my early years of personal development, it is often said that “the surest way to secure the future is to create one.” If this is true of our future, is it also true of us?

Is there a hidden me in me, you in you that should be unveiled? Is there somewhat a goldmine on our inside where our real beauty is hid? Do we quit searching like Chris and start creating ourselves into who we want to be? What is the place of the saying” A man’s destiny is in his hands” and her relative “Every man is the architect of his own destiny?”

How about the role of determinism, that everyone merely fulfills what has been destined of him? Ola Rotimi’s classical book “The God’s are to blame” give a vivid illustration of this concept; that everyman has a blueprint for his/her life as designed by the creator.

Bob Marley says “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery; none but ourselves can free our minds,” Chris got me a bit toppled, sincerely!

Discovery or creation; what’s the path to self-fulfillment?

Together we will get to the top, we’re UNLIMITED!

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