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As always, SESEWA is pushing its boundaries again and again, this time in conjunction with LAROCHE foundation; On the 27th Dec, 2014,they honoured their interns, companies and facilitators who did outstandingly well through the year.

SESEWA is Nigeria’s first internship focused organisation, and this year it is organizing its first ever award ceremony celebrating its interns and the work they people put in through the year. SESEWA is at the forefront of providing internship opportunities for the best wave of talents across Nigeria. In just two years of full operations, we have placed over 152 students in different organizations; ranging from internships to volunteer opportunities.

According to the founder and C.E.O., Miss Adekunbi Adeoye, SESEWA is using this awards ceremony to pass a message and to continue to make a case for internships in Nigeria.

She had this to say at SESEWA’s awards ceremony;

‘’ We are very excited at the work we are doing, and how far we have pushed our brand this year despite the huge challenges we have faced. This award ceremony is another opportunity to push our cause, to let people know that students must change their focus on what they are doing in university. They must prepare for that future they so much desire; they must be prepared to partake in various opportunities as they can find, from internships to volunteerism,  etc; and when they succeed again and again, we will honour them’’

 This awards ceremony is an opportunity for SESEWA to showcase its burgeoning success in the youth development space. For the first, SESEWA decided to honour its interns for their hardwork, dedication and achievements throughout the year. We also used this opportunity to show gratitude to our partner corporations who have accepted about 20 interns  of our interns. It is worthy of note that 98% of these interns were retained and have gone on to work full time with the same company. SESEWA also recognised outstanding facilitators at their training school who have given their time and expertise into these interns through the year.

The Award Winners were;

  1. Most Outstanding Intern of the year    –     Olajumoke Adeola
  2. Most Valuable Intern of the year    –     David Ekugum
  3. Male Intern of the year    –     Marcel Mbene
  4. Male Intern of the year    –     Seyi Oginni
  5. Female Intern of the year    –     Mercy Anih

 We also honoured their school ambassadors, and partners.

 Company of the year Award 

  1. Best Intern Provider- ArchVision Work Group.

Facilitators of the Year

  1. Albert Afolabi
  2. Naomi Lucas


SESEWA uses this opportunity to thank all our host businesses, and partner organisations for their kind support. This is the first ever intern awards and we thank everyone that has made this event possible, and in particular LAROCHE foundation for its support. We look forward to a very successful 2015 for the continued development of the Nigerian youth.

Thank you!

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