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#SPoetry: A Tomorrow Foretold – Patrick Oseriemen Benjamin

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I yowl of an Armageddon blind to mortal sights;
As this 2015 blood-cuddling serpents crawling nigh.
I behold the violent advent of 2015 loathsome snows
Smashing asunder this hapless elephant.

Lunk-headed lads;
Gawkish grasses upon which tyrant-elephants trample
See you not a looming disaster?
See you not the offing clog of afflictions?
In your desecrated wilderness, their zombies lurk for power;
Those brain-dead clothed with regalia of tyranny

In your faces hurricane of miseries stares, yet you fete.

The thunder of crisis cries aloud
Yet, O goofy callants, your ears are deaf to echoes of looming dooms.
Like gamble-heroes, you oafishly stake unborn’s cake;
Burying it in misery’s grave

Search no solace upon those twin-trees
Wherein rotten fruits hang like possessed bats.
What ask you of sullen rooted trees
if not decayed fruits and blemished branches?
Shall we await justice from him who feast on the advice of Seth?
Osiris forbid!

On this papyrus’ heart lie naked, a tomorrow foretold;
Bloodbath morrow of monstrous woes.
Every head owe the clutching of Seth.
And for the banishment of Ma’at; One head shan’t spare.
Surely, these blood-cuddling serpents shall soon arrive
Surely, these loathsome snows shall soon drop.

photo credit: Steve Corey via photopin cc

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