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#SPoetry: Genevieve (A Poem on Feminism) by Ohens Micha-El

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Genevieve (A Parallel Analogy)

Top class restaurant and cuisine ,

first class hotels and lodge,

high class friends and lovers,

classical music. She is classy.

Genevieve has got class.


A pure and strait depiction of high society mode of living in the ‘west’.

Genevieve has exquisite taste.

A stay in Paris; a sip of smooth cognac, deluxe living,

a walk around the parks of Marseilles.

She is a love tourist;

from Paris to a beautiful lodge at Mont Blanc.

From Mont Blanc to Naples,

she secures the admiration of a Rothschild Baron.

Her list of admirers and lovers replicate an earthly version of heaven’s book of life.
She has got ambition and vision;

they carry her to Amsterdam, London and Rome.
She is smart and of cunning intelligence;

she will love the arts,

a painting done by Picasso, a musical piece by Mozart, the Mona Lisa….

all to secure the love of her Italian bourgeois.


Genevieve is a lady and not any kind of woman;

she is independent and will never be subservient to a man’s appetite for power and control.
Genevieve is ambition;

her religion is feminism, marriage is heresy to her or at least,

marriage outside her definition is bondage but Genevieve is a free woman

  • Renaissance.


Genevieve is a career woman;

she is a fellow of the economical echelon.

She understands the maize of business systems.

Genevieve is now thirty years old

and she has it all going well for her;

as the cast comes to an end

and Vivian Price successfully creates a Hollywood best seller.

Angela Davis and Friedan Betty have produced another best selling book.


Genevieve is a philosophy;

it is a mental picture created in the minds of most of our female folk.

Genevieve has hit Africa!


Ginika refuses to understand that at age thirty,

Genevieve is without a real husband.
Imade is blind to the reality of her African homeland;

“the peacock is not a man’s favorite bird”.

Many men cannot stand the overt display of feminism.


Genevieve desires a Nobel laureate;

we thank God for western education and all of the positives it brought alongside,

but Genevieve has missed it.

Education does not imply that you throw your every thought at our faces,

education does not mean that you must always have something to say about every matter

and expect us to shove it down our throats under the blackmail of gender equality.

Education does not change a woman’s priority, her home, and respect for her husband.


Genevieve is now a Nigerian babe;

she expects an instant trip to Bordeaux, Paris, Dubai

….all expense paid by her rich fiance.
She pursues her vision,

she has got self-made class,

she thinks she has earned respect.

She desires a long list of admirers and lovers,

with the hope of picking out one “confessor mate”.
Can someone please tell Tomi, wake her up.

Confessor magic may not work on Nigerian men.
Genevieve, I am sure you don’t want to experience the ugly side of the African society at age thirty;

their preference for the dignity, modesty,humility,

strength and loyalty of “Ewa” might provoke a very harsh and condemning judgement.


Genevieve is a black woman;

she forgoes her native name for Western philosophy.
She is newly wed,

she has high expectations of her handsome and rich husband.
She has poor orientation on forbearance.
Genevieve expects goosebumps daily,

her heart is fragile she says.
It’s five years now,

her husband comes home very tired and Genevieve has suspicions.

Two late nights and her suspicions are true;

she gives the good man a good headache, she reminds him that she is Genevieve.
” For the kids”…he begs. “Let’s make it work”.
Genevieve ain’t getting her goosebumps no more;

so the love ain’t there no more. Divorce we shall! (Humorous).


The deed is done;

Genevieve successfully creates another broken home,

another broken child.


Genevieve is the goddess of self,

a distorted version of the roman “libetas”;

she will lay down her back for no man but her pleasure.
Is Genevieve a true woman??


Composed by Ohens Micha-El.
Photo Credit: ell brown via photopin cc

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