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Yes!,the new year has come and as usual,resolutions are made and ultimate decisions are being taken.This is a perfect period for budding,aspiring entrepreneurs to venture into the business world.As some of us may already know,people venture into business for different reasons ranging from the desire for independence,freedom,money to the urge to create and own something.

When asked,many young aspiring entrepreneurs usually give the reason for their desire to start a business as: “I want to be my own boss!”.So is there anything wrong with “being your own boss?”.On the surface,no!.But on a deeper level, absolutely yes!.Of course,when a new company is established,the person that seats at the helm of affairs is usually the owner of the start-up idea,hence the “boss”.Well,the problem is not necessarily being the boss of your company as someone must and  the originator of the start-up idea is almost always the best candidate.However,the bulk of the problem lies on the psychology of “being my own boss” and I’ll tell you why.

Business in itself is a “value concept”.Most times,when young aspiring entrepreneurs form companies,the dominant thought is that of being the one to be addressed as “sir” and “madam” and being the one to be revered as the boss.The shocker is that the larger society or in a more streamlined sense,the target market do not care about your business, the success of the business, who runs the business,in other words,who is the boss of the company.They are not interested in your reason to start a company.The only thing on their minds is “how can your business solve a problem for us?”, “in what ways can your business meet a need for us?”.So ultimately,one discovers that a business that lacks a viable value proposition will not stand the test of time.

Now,when a start-up owner is simply obsessed with being the boss,but not equally obsessed with delivering value to his/her target market,the foundation of such a business is shaky.The psychology of “being my own boss” is absolutely distorted and ill-fitting for the competitive environment of the business world.When young business owners harbor such a thought,they get to discover,in the long run that it is quite harmful for the progress and ultimate success of the business.The thought blinds young entrepreneurs from the truth of value delivery and service.

The true entrepreneur recognizes that to succeed in business,people’s needs and wants must be met;people’s problem(s) must be solved,hence their readiness to serve the people,reserve gratifications and build relationships early on in the business.They are not concerned about being the boss.In fact,a business that will go far doesn’t concern itself with “who is the boss” and who is not.To ensure success and fulfillment in business this year,you must be ready to have a rough ride early on in your venture.You must abort the distorted thought of being your own boss.The fact is that the customers out there are collectively the boss of your company.They determine the actual success of your business,so if you don’t value and respect them,no matter how annoying they may be,and you don’t make it a point of duty to serve them and solve whatever problem they may have(of course,you must discover their problem first before starting up a venture to cater effectively for it.) then you may enjoy being your own boss in  the short run,but in the long run,you will be put out of business.

Welcome to the new year,but never forget to deliver value to your customers.



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