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Try Out the Simple Pay E-commerce Android App

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SimplePay will be lunching her mobile App (MySimplePay) soon. Consequently, they are releasing a sample of MySimplePay App (Android version) to be reviewed by various tech communities to accommodate for suggestions and pre-release reviews. .

MySimplePay APP has the following features:

1. Create New Account: With MySimplePay, you can easily create new account (personal and merchant account) at your convenience.

2. View your transaction history: Your past transactions (successful and failed transactions) can be viewed using the MySimplePay.

3. Deposit Money: Using your ATM card (Visa, MasterCard, Verve, E-Transfer(coming soon)), you can fund your SimplePay account with seconds. When logged in, select the Deposit Money option, select your card payment type and enter your card details.

4. Withdraw Money: Using the MySimplePay, you can easily and conveniently initiate a withdrawal to your verified bank account.

5. Fund Transfer: With your MySimplePay, you can transfer fund to your friends.

6. Pay Bills: You can conveniently pay your pills such as cable bills, airline tickets etc from MySimplePay.

7. Airtime Recharge: You can conveniently fund your mobile phones or recharge a friends mobile phone using MySimplePay.

8. My Shop: With My Shop, you can scan and pay for a product(s) from any accredited SimplePay merchant’s shop.

9. Manage Pin: Once logged in to your MySimplePay, you can manage your IPIN which is necessary for processing payments from the App.

10.Change Password: Your SimplePay password can be modified using the MySimplePay.

11.View Bank Accounts: Verified bank accounts on SimplePay can be viewed using the MySimplePay.

12. Mobile and Bank account verification can also be done on MySimplePay.

Click on the link below to download MySimplePay App on your android phone.

SimplePay Android and iOS App Download

SimplePay Android and iOS App

SimplePay Android and iOS App

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